ZOO / Thomas Hauert Brussels

You've changed

Rather than setting movement, Thomas Hauert sets up a social structure encouraging creativity. What makes his work singular, and significant, is that he aims at creating order out of disorder, form out of formlessness, a group out of individuals, while exploiting the exceptional quality of tension, perception, attention and concentration allowed by improvisation. The choreography appears like a microcosm in which human beings constantly negotiate their freedom and creativity with their determination to relate to others.

In You've changed, the choreography unfolds without the directing intervention of a dominant central or external agent. It forms an integrated dynamic system in which dancers initiate movement and others react on it while this reaction is triggering yet another movement within the same structure or is going over into starting a whole new string of movement. The spectator continually sees formal structures emerging and disintegrating before they are even completed. The resulting choreography carries a quality that could be described as musical. The relationship between dance and music is something Thomas Hauert has relentlessly worked on. In You've changed the movement pre-exists the music. The inherent musicality of the movement serves as a base for the musical composition. Thomas Hauert has asked Dick Van der Harst to compose an original music on a dance proposed by the performers of ZOO - a complex improvised choreographic piece caught on video. The resulting music, written for a three-headed « rock band » and three female singers, answers movement on stage, creating a wealth of mutual relationships and connexions between what one sees and what one hears. You've changed shows a real love and care for dance as a form, as a language, as a craft. It is a physical piece to be experienced in a very direct way. Touching on the relationship of individual freedom and social cohesion, You've changed reactivates from a contemporary point of view questions with a long history. Thomas Hauert's new performance might be inviting us to reflect at how we have changed.

NXTSTP partners: Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Alkantara Festival (Lisbon)