Tiago Rodrigues Lisbon

Três dedos abaixo do joelho

Can words be dangerous? Starting with this question, Tiago Rodrigues has delved into the archives of the censorship commission set up in Portugal during Salazar’s dictatorship. On stage, two actors move through a wide variety of registers of acting styles. The show draws up a disconcerting list of plays, both classics and new works, which were ripped apart in censorship reports for apparently trivial reasons. Of these allegedly harmful plays, it is not what was left that interests Tiago Rodrigues, but rather what was cut and why. Not without some irony, the director promotes censors to the rank of playwright. Is it the hidden history of our own continent that Tiago Rodrigues is exposing by saying why something cannot be said? Twirling around like an absurd poetic machine, Três dedos abaixo do joelho is a penetrating new work by one of the most influential young voices in Portuguese theatre.

Tiago Rodrigues (b. 1977) is an actor, playwright and director whose subversive and poetic theatre has made him one of Portugal’s leading young artists. His pace of work is astonishing: with his company, Mundo Perfeito, he has created thirty plays in the last decade. In the meantime, he has collaborated with other companies, choreographers and filmmakers and has been involved in teaching, curating and artistic community projects. His work has been presented in Europe, South America and the Middle East. Rodrigues has also collaborated with artists from Belgium, Lebanon, the Netherlands and Brazil. Deeply rooted in a collaborative theatre tradition, he has recently created pieces that stand out by the way in which they manipulate documents with theatrical tools, combining both public and private life and challenging our perception of social or historical phenomena. 

NXTSTP partners: Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Alkantara Festival (Lisbon)