Quarantine Manchester

The Dyas Sisters

Grace and Veronica Dyas are sisters from Dublin. Grace is 24, Veronica is 36. They both make theatre. They are writing a book called The Dyas Sisters. The Dyas Sisters is a book in which they attempt to remember everything that has happened in their lifetime. Things that have happened to them, things that have happened to other people. Things that happen to sisters. Some things they won't be able to remember and some things they won't want to share.

Quarantine are staging the book called The Dyas Sisters. To be more accurate, Quarantine are staging the auditions and the rehearsal of the staging of the book called The Dyas Sisters. The performance will take place in and amongst a neatly archived mountain of Grace and Veronica's belongings - everything they've ever owned. This includes hundreds of copies of the book called The Dyas Sisters, which will be available for the audience to read while they're watching. Where Grace and Veronica have lost certain belongings, we'll replace them with replicas or at least carefully describe them. Veronica has recently given away most of what she owns.

During Quarantine's staging of The Dyas Sisters, we will audition 5 local actors each night to play Grace and Veronica in a performance of The Dyas Sisters. We will use extracts from the book called The Dyas Sisters to help audition the actors. We will try out songs and dances and perhaps some ventriloquism. During the evening, we hope to choose 2 actors who can play Grace and Veronica. By the end of the performance, we'll see what it's like if they stand in for Grace and Veronica in acting out their lives. If we really like them, we might take the actors on tour and leave Grace and Veronica at home. Unusually, the actors will be paid to take part in the audition. This is because their audition will take place in front of a paying audience.

Quarantine is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading contemporary theatre companies, making and touring work across the world. There have been family parties, shared meals and cookery lessons, radio broadcasts and journeys in the dark for one person at a time - as well as performances on stage for audiences in seats. We’ve worked with philosophers, families, soldiers, chefs, children, dancers, florists, opera singers, cleaners and countless others. The work is made out of lengthy and intimate research with its performers and participants, often working with people who are rarely seen on stage.

NXTSTP partners: Dublin Theatre Festival (Dublin), Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival (Groningen), Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels)