Philippe Quesne Paris

Big Bang

Philippe Quesne created Vivarium Studio in 2003, to design and direct his own theatre plays. His first show La démangeaison des ailes was made with a working group of actors, artists, a musician-dancer, a movie stage manager, and a dog. After this first experience, the collaborators remained the same, joined sometimes by guests or extras on each new creation.

Since this first play, all the projects relates a theme and an appropriate narrative style : the desire to fly and the fall (La démangeaison des ailes, 2003), the stupefaction facing the risks of the futur (the series Des expériences, 2005), the environmental threats and our inability to overcome (D'après nature, 2006), the capacities of man to be an artist and to invent (L'Effet de Serge, 2007, La Mélancolie des dragons, 2008, Big Bang, 2010). Considering that a theatre of texts exists, is essential, but is not the only way to question our world, Philippe Quesne creates shows developping a contemporary dramaturgy from our inner problematics. The topics, often softly ironic, deal with different type of texts ( interviews, articles, poems, songs, words lists) that contribute to give a narrative coherence on stage, combining with other elements of theatre (bodies, sound, light, videos).

Big Bang is as much a gigantic explosion as a founding theory or a simple book onomatopoeia. The play takes place on a small island, on which a shipwrecked group will remake the world, as they go back to the origins to replay history in an accelerated fashion. The Island serves as a frame for a sequence of images, short scenes, small musicals, a quasi-anatomical study of an unexpectedly transplanted human microcosm. Of course, people and animals, Language and Silence, Everything and Nothing coexist here : the whole river of life, from plankton to postmodernism.

NXTSTP partners: Baltoscandal Festival (Rakvere), De Internationale Keuze van de Rotterdamse Schouwburg (Rotterdam)