Lond Malmborg Malmö / Tallinn

99 Words for Void

Our Fundamental values are under threat!

In this performance we meet two knights sent out to defend them, while their dilemma is that they are not sure what these values are. Their reaction is not to separate from the super-Ego which has put them here, but to imitate its behaviour, its sounds. By repeating well-known rhetoric figures, the knights are learning how to speak. And by speaking, they are adapting to the ideological structure their language includes. The result is a rhetoric feedback loop of statements and answers, where an answer is not a critique but an add to the statement - a dialogue without dialectics. The piece thereby puts a disturbing observation into play: that dialogue is not always a form of encounter, but sometimes a method of censorship. “99 Words for Void“ is set in an experienced dissonance built into the European model of mixing neoliberal politics with humanist rhetoric which can produce a feeling of ideological alienation. The authors create a cozy-claustrophobic world where that alienation can be experienced and where the hope for an utopia ahead has been erased and substituted with wishes for an immediate utopian experience, for instance a cup of perfectly brewed coffee.

NXTSTP partners: Baltoscandal Festival (Rakvere), Dublin Theatre Festival (Dublin), Théâtre national de Bordeaux en Aquitaine (Bordeaux)