L'Encyclopédie de la parole Paris

Suite n°2

How do you bring an archive to life on stage? L'Encyclopédie de la parole is an artistic project that has been collecting and cataloguing recordings of works since 2007 with the aim of revealing the richness of oral expression in all its forms. With its series Suites chorales, which began in 2013, the group is also adapting this collection into stage plays. Following the dazzling Suite n°1, the festival is now presenting the world premiere of Suite n°2, an anthology of sound documents vocally reproduced by five soloists. In this musical comedy words pop up that have been said somewhere already. It is a piece where the action happens only through what is being said: the hesitations, outbursts, silent whispers and subtle tones of the voices. Suite n°2 is a fun and exhilarating work that shows just how much the world is made up of words. Language no problem

LʼEncyclopédie de la parole is an artistic project exploring the oral character in all its forms. Since 2007, this collective uniting musicians, poets, directors, visual artists, actors, sociolinguists and curators has been collecting various recordings of words and making an inventory of them on its website by their particular properties or phenomena such as cadence, chorality, timbre, address, saturation and melody. What do the poetry of Marinetti, the dialogues of Louis de Funès, a horse-racing commentary, a lecture by Jacques Lacan, an excerpt from South Park, the flow of Eminem or Lil Wayne, a message left on an answerphone, the questions of Julien Lepers, an Adventist sermon, The Young and the Restless in French, a speech by Léon Blum or Bill Clinton, an auction sale, a shamanic incantation, the declamations of Sarah Bernhardt, a speech for the defence by Jacques Vergès, a shampoo advert and conversations recorded in the local café have in common? Using this collection, which today comprises close to 800 sound documents, l’Encyclopédie de la parole produces sound pieces, performances and shows, lectures, games and exhibitions. In 2014, lʼEncyclopédie de la parole was made up of Frédéric Danos, Emmanuelle Lafon, Nicolas Rollet, Joris Lacoste, David Christoffel, Elise Simonet and Valérie Louys. 

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