Kornél Mundruczó Budapest

Hard To Be A God

Kornél Mundruczó was born in Hungary in 1975. He studied at the Hungarian University of Film and Drama and is now a renowned European film-director, whose films premier at the most prestigious festivals all over the world. After a short film (AFTA), he directed four features films (Pleasant days, Johanna, Delta, The Frankenstein-Project) and won various awards in famous festivals. His latest film The Frankenstein-Project premiered in the Official Selection of Cannes 2010. Since 2003, he has also been working for the stage with Krétakör Theatre,Thalia Theater Hamburg and Schauspiel Hannover among others. 

With his anything but charming characters performing in a hyper-realistic and intimate setting, the young Hungarian film and theatre director knew how to unsettle his audience. His explosive mix of professional and amateur actors triggers compassion, even though they play tough, shocking characters. Utter defencelessness is the basis of Mundruczó's latest production, which has premiered at the festival. The plot is borrowed from the Strugatsky brothers' sci-fi novel Hard To Be A God. This is also where the uncompromising director got his idea of a God who watches his creation from a distance, just as we avert our eyes from society's darker sides, such as human trafficking. By creating a staged reality show featuring real people on a real stage in a real van, Mundruczó raises a mirror to the audience: will they, god-like, keep watching from the sidelines? Or will they be moved to act?

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