Julian Hetzel Utrecht


"Schuld" is a German term that implements two different yet related meanings: "guilt" as a moral duty and "debt" as an economical obligation. Schuldfabrik explores the conflict between these notions and their potential valorisation. Schuldfabrik proposes contemporary forms of indulgence trade. In collaboration with plastic surgeons and their clients, Julian Hetzel created a soap from human fat that is sourced from liposuctions. "Self - Human Soap" is made from people for people. 

Schuldfabrik is a multi-room parkour; a soap shop, a beauty clinic, a confessionary and a sustainable system of up-cycling guilt. The installation has several entrances yet no way out. In Schuldfabrik the collective obligation to remember is put into dialogue with the individual right to forget. Wash the pain away!

Julian Hetzel works as performance maker, musician and visual artist. He develops works along the intersection of theatre, music and media that have a political dimension and a documentary approach. Julian Hetzel is born in the Black Forest, currently based in Utrecht. He studied at Bauhaus University Weimar with a focus on visual communication. In 2013 he graduated from DasArts Amsterdam, an artistic research laboratory for new forms of theatre and performing arts. He is founding member of the electro-pop band Pentatones. 

NXTSTP partners: steirischer herbst (Graz), Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival (Groningen), Baltoscandal Festival (Rakvere)