Halory Goerger Brussels / Lille

Corps Diplomatique

Halory Goerger (b. 1978) comes up with shows and installations rather than building houses or fixing animals because that way it’s better for everyone. He works on the history of ideas because everything else had already been taken by the time he came along. Born in 1978, he embarked on a primitive practice in 2004, influenced more by non-dance than by yes-theatre. Since then, he has developed his writing for the stage, now his principal medium, in plays such as Métrage Variable, &&&&& & &&& and Germinal. He is co-founder of L’Amicale de production.

In 1972, NASA sent a golden record into space to testify to life on Earth. In 2015, Halory Goerger is taking up the torch and developing a spatial programme for the performing arts. Two years after his phenomenal Germinal, created in collaboration with Antoine Defoort, the artist is sending a theatre company through space and time – let’s say ten thousand years away – with one script and one mission: to create, rehearse and perform a show. What might a play evolving over such a long period turn into? How can a show convey the essence of mankind? And what meaning will theatre have in such a far-off future? Corps Diplomatique is a bold exercise in science fiction on the survival of our civilisation, a zany, but rigorously documented reverie of an artist who is as intelligent as he is adventurous. Halory Goerger places theatre in a time machine and eagerly observes what happens next. The future is now: fasten your seatbelts!

NXTSTP partners: Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Dublin Theatre Festival (Dublin), Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival (Groningen),Théâtre national de Bordeaux en Aquitaine (Bordeaux), Alkantara Festival (Lisbon)