Gisèle Vienne Grenoble

This is how you will disappear

The previous shows of Gisèle Vienne have explored seemingly opposite aesthetic realms. She therefore felt it was important to juxtapose these oppositions within a single work. Their springboard is the notion of beauty that stems both from order and from disorder. They shall examine these different types of aesthetic experiences, which are seemingly contrary and yet inseparable, through the prism of Apollonian beauty versus Dionysian beauty. This leads to an inquiry into the Nietzschean view of tragedy -- how it is born from the reconciliation of conflicting gods.

The action takes place in a very naturalistic forest. The landscape, at first realistic and then increasingly symbolic, is inhabited by three characters in search of a spiritual experience. The landscape plays an active role, mirroring the three characters' inner experience. Beauty linked with order and with the force of benevolent nature is transformed into chaos. This shift is propelled by the landscape, which echoes the development of one of the characters in particular, raising questions about the disturbing dichotomy between civilization and savagery. Their desires and repulsions, triggered by these divergent aesthetic experiences, animate our sensations and thoughts, and elicit moral issues that are eternally relevant.

NXTSTP partners: steirischer herbst (Graz), Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival (Göteborg)