Eszter Salamon Budapest / Berlin

Tales of the Bodiless

"How can you get off your body? Can you leave it for a while? How long can you stay out of yourself …without losing it all together."

TALES OF THE BODILESS explore a condition that is hard to imagine before you experience it: a world without human bodies. Four stories unfold four situations in which humans are a past, and hence, no longer central. In this fiction without science, bodies turn into 'foam' or become one with the landscape until they transform into colorful dust. Humans evaporate in the memory of the species that outlives them.

Eszter Salamon’s daring new piece takes you on a journey through regions whose main property is a certain tangible sensation. Each place composes a movement of voices, sound, light, and space: from sinking to dissolution, from urge to aggression, from joy to explosion. In order for your body to enter a bodiless world, this theater had to send its body - the stage – on vacation. There is not much to see on the stage. The habitual hierarchy of senses is unsettled: listening overthrows vision and sight. The body of the spectators becomes the battleground of sensations; invoking them evolves in time, and prevents everything from being given all at once.

NXTSTP partners: Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), steirischer herbst (Graz)