El Conde de Torrefiel Barcelona


El Conde de Torrefiel is a Barcelona-based project headed by Tanya Beyeler (b. 1980, Switzerland) and Pablo Gisbert (b. 1982, Spain). Having studied theatre and philosophy, Beyeler and Gisbert are also interested in music and contemporary dance. Indeed they regularly collaborate (in the dramaturgical framework) with dance company La Veronal. As theatre authors, musicians, performers, and video-makers, their creations seek a visual and textual aesthetic wherein theatre, choreography, literature, and the visual arts coexist. Their work addresses the notion of imminent temporality, with as a starting point the synchronic analysis of the present, an interrogation of the possibilities of our time. El Conde de Torrefiel intends to understand the existing connections between rationality and the meaning of things determined by language, as well as the abstraction of concepts and the imaginary and the symbolic in relation to the image. In fact, the duo’s most recent works focus exclusively on the 21st century and on the existing relationship between the personal and the political; more precisely, between the new forms of totalitarianism and intellectual alienation, between the sense of responsibility and personal freedom. 

GUERRILLA questions the future of a generation of young Europeans. We follow a group of young people taking part in seemingly banal activities: a tai chi lesson, a conference, a night out. They seem relaxed and confident. The proceedings on stage are harmonious, innocent... and artificial. The colourful diversity of the group silences the actors’ personal world of ideas, whilst behind the scenes we can read their thoughts. In this seemingly safe and peaceful situation, GUERRILLA incessantly torpedoes repressed impulses, obscene fantasies, and violent notions towards the audience. A black comedy about oppression and the awakening of awareness. 

NXTSTP partners: Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival (Groningen), steirischer herbst (Graz)