Cláudia Dias Lisbon

Monday: Watch Out for the Right!

Ok, knock me out.

When we take a punch, at least something happens. With any luck, we are conscious of the act and know that it’s happening. Knowing anything at all when we are being pounded in the face is a good first step, but it’s better to also know the who, how, why, and what. In a world of more or less dissimulated aggression at home and at work, and more or less simulated aggression in leisure, it is to be expected that sooner or later someone will start throwing punches. At least metaphorically. What is surprising is that so many people take the hit without knowing why. Before allowing someone to slug us for lack of warning, it’s good to have an idea of the consequences of the act. Not knowing the motivation and finality of that act is missing the point, no matter how squarely the punch lands. Without this understanding, the facts pass us by. This is how a conflict can never have existed, even after it has happened.

The first of the seven Cláudia Dias’ performances to be created over the next seven years reconstructs a boxing match. Clenched fists, full contact, one thing is certain: Cláudia and Jaime are going for the mouth, literally and metaphorically. Part of a community that has been forced to the mat many times, they will shed not only blood, sweat, and tears as they pummel each other with arguments, but also light, as in enlightened fables. The feeling of solidarity between peers, reinforced in combat when they recognize each other as equals, stands in contrast to the feeling of oppression that they free themselves from through fighting. Fists clenched. From these opposing forces comes enough friction to move from words to action.

NXTSTP partners: Alkantara Festival (Lisbon), Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival (Groningen), Göteborg Dans & Teater Festival (Göteborg)