Brice Leroux Brussels


The French dancer and choreographer Brice Leroux (b. 1974) is a composer to the very core. Like Quantum-Quintet, his Solo#2 - fréquences exudes an intense musicality. With mathematical precision, he creates a magical world at whose heart lies the wealth of visual composition. Brice Leroux turns the spectator into a discoverer. He opens your eyes by “undernourishing” your field of view. When you enter the installation, the silhouette of a dancer’s body takes shape in the darkness. The body rotates and lets itself be viewed from every possible angle, yet you still remain uncertain about what you are really seeing. Is it an illusion or not? The outlines gradually dissolve in the darkness and all that can be seen is the structure of the installation. In Solo#2 - fréquences, Brice Leroux absorbs the spectator’s senses, outside of time. He keeps you in suspense until the last moment, until the ticking of the hundred metronomes of Ligeti’s Poème symphonique has faded away.
Because of their analytical precision and the principles underlying their composition, his creations can be called scores. Directly inspired by quantum mechanics, they are located on the border between mathematical precision and unbounded creativity. Brice Leroux’s fascination with repetitive motifs and infinite series of continuously repeated movements challenge the spectator at the minutest levels of perception and quicken the imagination.

Brice Leroux studied contemporary dance at the National Conservatory of Lyon, the American Dance Festival of Durham (USA) and with Trisha Brown dancers at the Merce Cunningham Studio in New York. At age 19, he settled in Brussels. A few years later he decided to concentrate on his own creations and started training in musicology and ethnomusicology at Université Paris VIII. In 1999, he founded the non-profit organisation Continuum.

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