Árpád Schilling / Krétakör Budapest

The Party

At the peak of his fame, Árpád Schilling removed himself from the international circuit to return to his homeland of Hungary and test his own artistic practice by living in a small rural community. For two years now, with his company Krétakör, Schilling has again been making challenging pieces in which theatre and education go hand in hand. In his newest performance, he insists on the importance of education for the political and social development of a country. In The Party, a small city serves as a symbol for Hungary, a sort of ‘anti-Europe’ where critical art and divergent viewpoints are in oppression and where demagogy, corruption and discrimination make their ascent. The autocratic Party intrudes into the lives of the villagers like an insidious poison. Schilling gives the audience cause to step outside of the homogeneous theatre space into real life. He reveals the fragility of a democracy where we have to choose between security and freedom. The fury is palpable. An urgent artistic statement.

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