Mission statement

Eight European festivals join forces to stimulate the co-production and transnational circulation of new works by the great European artists of tomorrow – and in so doing, to encourage the artistic renewal of the performing arts in Europe today. Despite the fact that Europe is taking greater shape and continuing to grow in stature every year, its citizens do not always identify with it. European artists can help change this by participating in the development of a truly European cultural space. The artists we want to support through this project have already demonstrated their potential in their first artistic productions. Now, they are ready to take an important next step in their careers: tackling creations on a larger scale, which circulate in Europe and meet with a wider audience.

The NXTSTP network co-produces the creation of new works, giving the artists a valuable financial footing. Different festivals present them, guaranteeing a real transnational circulation and a huge visibility amongst international audiences. In addition, the festivals offer artists' residencies to young European and non-European artists. These residencies provide yet another means to promote the renewal of the performing arts scene in Europe.


Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels)
Alkantara Festival (Lisbon)
Baltoscandal Festival (Rakvere)
Dublin Theater Festival (Dublin)
Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival (Göteborg)
Noorderzon (Groningen)
steirischer herbst festival (Graz)
Théâtre National de Bordeaux en Aquitaine (Bordeaux)

Associated partners

Dense Bamako Danse (Bamako, ML)
Festival On Marche (Marrakesh, MA)
Kyoto Experiment (Kyoto, JP)
Panorama Festival (Rio de Janeiro, BR)